Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Divorce, A Tradition Unlike Any Other

When dulcet toned sports announcing legend Jim Nantz took the stand in his contentious divorce trial, do you think he addressed the court with his usual soothing “Hello... friends...” greeting like he was at the Masters?

In 2004, I got the Man of the Year award from the New York Athletic Club. Rudy Giuliani had been the previous year's winner and it really meant a lot to me. My mother flew in from Houston, but Lorrie wasn't there." Nantz said he was given an oil portrait of himself at the dinner, but Lorrie wouldn't let him hang it in their Westport home. "It ended up in a warehouse"

Poor Jim Nantz. A gorgeous oil painting of himself, and nowhere to hang it. Reminds me of the classic Dennis Leary rant about how even Wayne Gretzky has 3 MVP trophies sitting in his garage.

Here's more of the ugly details
. Apparently Nantzy found himself a 29 year old girlfriend (sporty!) while out touting his book about his late father.
I hope he gets through this okay. I still love Nantz as an announcer, and like I have said before, I'd gladly miss a flight for him, if necessary.

PS: Did Kramer ever get to hang his oil painting of himself where he wanted? Oh wait. That's right. Kramer was never MARRIED!!

And while we are on the subject, holy-crap-did-Steve-Phillips-have-a-slump-buster-or-what????

This gal couldn't get laid at a Star Trek convention with a fist full of $20's.

What is it about ESPN analysts keeping their junk in their pants, and their hands to themselves? Harold Reynolds, Sean Salisbury, now Phillips?

I remember when Phillips did those awful fake press conferences in the MLB off-season, pretending to address each team's needs before fake reporters, asking fake questions.

Maybe now, Phillips can do a fake press conference addressing this affair, and his upcoming disastrous divorce.

“Steve... Steve... um... Bill Clinton here... one question... couldn't you have found a 22 year old who looks a little better than that? I mean, even Monica Lewinski wasn't this heinous.”


  1. Holy crap, Phillips! To quote Austin Powers, "It's a man, baby." He ruined his marriage and career for that?

  2. Holy Crap is close, it's more like Geez she got shit at and hit.