Thursday, October 15, 2009

"You Have Failed Me For The Last Time"

What exactly is Roger Goodell waiting for on the inevitable suspension of Raiders coach Tom Cable?

It's rather evident that SOMEBODY hit assistant coach Randy Hansen.

Either that, or perhaps a stray sandbag on a rope came swinging by in the meeting and clobbered him, just like on the Saturday morning cartoons.

How come Goodell doesn't suspend Cable immediately, and then they can re-instate him once he is CLEARED of the allegations?

The Raiders have spiraled into a land of dysfunction that is hard to even get your head around these days. If the organization isn't berating reporters who don't toe the PR line, they are trying to cover up coaching staff dustups and barring former QB's like Rich Gannon from entering the building to do his pre-game prep work for CBS.

Then there's Jamarcus Russell.

What can you say about a guy who has authored more sub-50% passing games in his career, than plus-50% games?

He's the Black Ryan Leaf. Only with perhaps LESS professionalism and work ethic.

I wonder if somewhere, Pete Rozelle is laughing his ass off at all of this in heaven? There is no clear succession plan for cryptkeeper like Al Davis. And chances are, he'll live on for another decade plus like Fidel Castro, defying every actuarial table on life expectancy.

Even if a professional football HAZMAT crew were sent in by the league, the clean-up would take years. You'd need to drain the swamp of bad players, bloated contracts, and then start re-stocking the draft pick cupboard.

Which is too bad. Because having the Raiders as a legitimately bad ass team is fun. That uniform, and that logo, remains awesome. But when it's attached to a team of complete tools, it loses it's edge.

But then again, it could be worse, right? Darth Vader might actually BE the next head coach or owner.

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