Monday, September 13, 2010

"Animals Want To Hang Out With Me"

Forgetting for a moment that his homeboys stabbed two guys to death at a Super Bowl party over something petty, and forgetting that the Ray Lewis glorification by ESPN remains over-the-top and nauseating (how many pre-game dances of him do we really need to see?) I must say this Old Spice commercial cracks me the f' up!

I believe what does it for me is the bear. That dude in a bear suit is MOVING! And it's a GOOD bear suit!

Then, the bear just stops and hangs out, because, well, Ray Ray has that power over animals.


Given how few plays overachiever and good guy Reed Doughty is making right now, I say we cut Doughty, sign the bear.


  1. Who says it was his homeboys who did the stabbing? Didn't the limo driver initially finger Ray as the knife man until he suddenly changed his story? Enough of Ray Lewis already. I wish he would just go away. Any frauds in the house? Woof woof woof!

  2. Great commercial...Love the end where the lights just exploded for no apparent reason. How random but funny