Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Barry Poppins"

Classic. Fucking, classic.

I was thinking about this photo, and figured it would make a good "fake" Successories style of picture. You know, with a headline and sub-head like....

"Because, God forbid, you should ever get even a little bit wet in life."

Or something like that. Perhaps you enterprising folks could come up with even better slogans for the picture. And if you want to get really nuts, whip it into a poster itself and I'll post the good ones.

In fact, somebody by now, should have invented a website, where you simply upload a picture, type in the heading and sub-head you want, hit a button called "Create" and have it poop out a finished product for everybody's enjoyment.

Tell somebody at Google, to get on it.


  1. Oh, it's a jolly holiday
    With Barry
    Barry makes your 'eart so light
    When the day is gray
    And ordinary
    Barry makes the sun shine bright!