Friday, September 17, 2010

Get your picks!

Jimmy "Masterlock" Dugans gives you his sure-fire Week 2 picks, just in time for the weekend:

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  1. I am a huge fan of your show and so glad you're back on in Richmond. However, I have to say I am shocked how little you and your boys know about betting for people who seem to do it quite often. When discussing the line movement in the dallas-chicago game during the lock it up segment you said since the line was moving down the public must be hammering the bears. This is not what that means it all and the public is not hammering chicago. Many times 90 percent of the public can be on a team -8 and it can move the opposite way to -6. This means that while the public loves a team the big boys in vegas are betting the other way or that vegas wants even more people on the other side. These are called smart money plays and are documented hitting 64 percent of the time. An example of this is Virginia Tech-ECU game today. The line opened at 17 and since tech has been awful everyone assumes ECU will keep it close as 80 percent of the public is on the Pirates. However, the line has moved the opposite direction and is now at 20.5. The college smart money plays today are Air Force, Louisiana tech, texas tech, miss st, va tech, ohio, san diego st, minnesota, colarado, washington and memphis. The steelers are the only one in the NFL. I cant believe I just wanted 10 minutes of my life typing this but it had to be said.

  2. Steve, love the "Jimmy". From a devout B&B listener.