Sunday, September 12, 2010


Watching college football on Saturday, I noticed at least three absurd jackass plays by kids for various teams.

Throwing aside the old nostrum that "hey, they are 19 year old kids, they are going to get carried away at times..." what I saw stunned me.

A Notre Dame wideout cruising for a touchdown dropped the football like some cocky prick at the 2 yard line. Replay should have taken it off the board, and Brian Kelly should have benched his ass until Catholic priests stop tickling boys, but no. Modern day football, and I suppose these things get overlooked.

In the Stanford-UCLA game, a Stanford DB makes a pick at his OWN 1 yard line. Then, while being tackled, he LATERALS to a team-mate, who - shocker - does NOT proceed to run 99 yards for a touchdown. I thought Stanford players were smart.

In the Florida State game, a big oaf on the FSU sideline decides to give an Oklahoma player an obvious SHOVE about 10 yards out of bounds, in clear view of the refs. The shove wouldn't have hurt one of the Olsen Twins, but it was an easy call for an additional 15 yards.


Of course, Matt Millen was calling that game, and then bragged about how doing that shit was actually POLICY when he played with the Raiders.

Wonder why he never made it as GM in Detroit?

I get it that college players make mistakes. Often times, big ones. Mental, physical, the whole gamut. But I think plays like these three plays I cited, are more a product of the modern culture, and not limited to a black-white thing either.

Players of 30 years ago in college made mistakes. But I would think it would be HARD to go back and find plays of this caliber of stupid.

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