Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Dude, about that trophy...."

So Vince Young doesn't want Reggie Bush's tainted, and about to be repossessed Heisman Trophy.

I get that.

This is one baller, looking out for another. I wouldn't expect, or want Vince to say anything else.

It doesn't mean the Heisman Trust should just leave the thing in the closet. It needs to award the Trophy to Young in title at least, and then remand it's custody to the University of Texas.

Vince can come claim it at any time, but the school should have custody rights of that glorious stiff-arm in its trophy case.

First, let's address whether the trophy should be revoked. Answer: OF COURSE! The logic is plain. Bush was INELIGBLE that season, by virtue of massive amounts of illegal cash and gifts showered upon him by boosters.

Thus, you can't let a player who was INELIGIBLE receive such an award.

It has nothing to do with morality. And it doesn't mean we have to go on a witch hunt to find other players in college history who have won the Heisman and perhaps taken money under the table.

If there's a clear cut case of Rashaan Salaam taking cash, then fine. Present it. We'll make the call then.

Of course college athletics is a ridiculous semi-pro activity in which colleges hold all the cards, and make millions off the backs of players.

Still, when Reggie Bush signed up with USC to play, he accepted this fact. He agreed to play, by those ridiculous rules.

If you want to radically change college athletics to allow for paying of players - either small stipends, or perhaps more - then do it up front.

Just don't say: "Well, the whole system is so corrupt, how can we revoke Bush's Heisman?"

In the meantime, Texas had more than a little something to do with Vince Young's success that season, and schools are rightfully proud when they produce Heisman winners.

As such, they should re-engrave the plate, let Texas display it in the lobby, and tell Vince he's welcome to pick it up and bring it home if the mood ever strikes him.

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