Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Seemingly Innocent, Cascading Series of Unfortunate Events."

The Redskins game finished something like this. Only it took longer, because Jeff Triplette and the replay crew were apparently getting paid by the hour and wanted to review everything right down to players' sock lengths.

Here's where the game went up in flames.

Skins lead 27-20, driving for dagger TD in 4th quarter.
Portis running for an easy first down inside the 10, somehow falls down in open space one yard shy of the line.
3rd and 1.
False start.
3rd and 6. Incomplete.
Field goal.
Blocked because Fred Davis did a half ass job chipping his man Bernard Pollard.

Right there, was the QUINTESSENTIAL NFL moment that I like to call the "Seemingly Innocent, Cascading Series of Unfortunate Events."

This happens to everybody's team. All the time. And it won't be the last for our squad.

Of more concern is this. Trent Williams knee got fucked up. LaRon Landry is singlehandedly keeping the defense relevant. And he's going to either break himself in two hitting like that, or put a fellow teammate on season ending IR.

(Please, please, please make that guy Reed Doughty...)

**looks around sheepishly**

Was, um, that my "out loud" typing voice?

It was?




  1. Not going to let myself get too upset. Look at the big picture. We are so much better off than we were a year ago it is not close. We have a team to cheer for again!! Just need a day or two to let the sting subside on this one.

  2. Czabe i love it when you use the word Fuck.

  3. Add to the review fiasco the fact that when he was jogging to the review hood, Triplette looked like he could collapse at any moment- I'm not saying that every ref needs to be rocked up like Hochuli, but Triplette looked like he might have been an escapee from the nearest nursing home. Brutal.

    Fortunately for me the Texans were able to overcome bone-headed plays, poor game strategy, and general buffoonery to steal a road win in a game they looked to be out of most of the 2nd half.

  4. Isn't Brandon Pollard the same guy who destroyed Brady's knee 2 years ago? For that reason alone, I forgive him for blocking the field goal...