Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Coming Up Just A Little Short in Sacramento

Once upon a time, the Sacramento Kings were the darlings of the NBA. They had a rabid fan base that packed ARCO arena every night, making games feel like college throw downs. They featured a skilled, running and gunning team that scored easily in the 100's when most teams were bogged in the low 90's or worse. The owners, Joe and Gavin Maloof were dynamic, customer oriented, and courtside for every big tilt against the hated Lakers.

Sooooo, how hard would it be to get a new arena built in a city that has no other professional team?

Apparently, very hard.

In fact, the Commish himself, demanded an NBA-style "clear out" play so he could show his mad skillz with the local pols and take them to the rack!


Four years after the National Basketball Association commissioner announced he'd personally help get an arena built in Sacramento, the league issued a terse e-mail Tuesday saying it's no longer taking an active role in local arena efforts.

Johnson said he called NBA Commissioner David Stern on Sunday to talk, and that Stern was "not enthused" by Cal Expo's decision.

Stern himself had swept into Sacramento four years ago and told a packed press conference that he would take charge of crafting an arena deal – the first time he had ever done so.

His arrival followed the voters' resounding defeat in 2006 of a proposal to raise sales taxes and build an arena in the downtown railyard.

Johnson said Stern told him Sunday that the NBA still "loves our market." However, officials of both the NBA and the Sacramento Kings said they are not interested in a proposal Johnson floated Friday to consider refurbishing the existing Arco Arena.

So that makes Stern 0-2 on new arenas in the Western conference, after he and the former Sonics owners completely pissed off Seattle and forced the team to hustle off to Oklahoma City.

But hey, keep shooting, Commish. You're bound to make one, sometime.

In theory, at least.

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  1. Well Sacramento, we really enjoyed having you in the NBA, but I think you're twenty something year run in the league is up.

    If Stern couldn't get the city of Seattle to get an arena deal done, what makes him think Sacramento will get a new arena?

    Plus, the phrase "The League lovs our market" is code for "Sorry, we have a bunch of other cities that would like a team and yours is the perfect one to move", all I know is I wouldn't be suprised if this season or 2011-12 is the last season for the Kings in their current hometown.

    As for where they would move? I would say Seattle(but that's being a hometown guy); realistically I think the Kings will move to Anaheim(good arena there, only been around since 1993), Kansas City(same situation as OKC, new arena built within the last ten years), or a longshot(pardon the pun): Las Vegas(remember, the Maloofs own Las Vegas casinos, the NBA all star game was in Vegas and the city wants a pro sports team, so this might be the perfect storm so to speak to get one).