Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What does today's poll have to do with.....

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  1. Guys.

    I LITERALLY can not tell you how blissful I am that you guys are back on in the Phoenix area! I didn’t know how spoiled I was until around a year(ish) ago, I hopped in my truck only to find Stephen A Smith on my Czaben dial??? I thought, “Hhmm, what a strange (and crappy) fill-in for the Czabe Team? Must be sick, and Scott & Solly are too lazy to do it themselves? Oh well, catch em in a couple . . .”

    Oh was I mistaken. I have a 30 minute morning commute, which begins anywhere from 330 am to 500 am (AZ time). My trip had been interrupted by a barrage of on-air garbage . . . us in Phoenix were stuck with either Stephen A Smith or (local) Doug & Wolf (or Mike & Mike depending on how early you were) . . . B.R.U.T.A.L. I even emailed Stehen A, and told him how displeased I was – to which he responded. I just cant listen to a man use words he doesn’t need to simply to use them. And Doug & Wolfe are even worse, not sure if yall ever had the pleasure of tuning in to them, but wow. A bad mimic job of Mike & Mike: you’ve got your macho ex-NFLer (but Ron Wolfly takes this to another level – he sounds like an 80s WWF wrestler, wait, scratch that, he makes an 80s WWF wrestler sound like a Rhodes Scholar) and Doug Franz is just a gayer version of Greenberg, a guy who has a sh*t hemorrhage when the D-Backs lose one game, and a street fair when they win one. I was seriously considering breaking my collection of Michael McDonald CDs until a buddy told me the good news . . .

    Thank you for coming back. Sporting News Radio (1060 here in Phoenix) doesn’t always come in great, but I would rather attempt to decipher what you guys are discussing (over the audio snow) instead of listening to the alternatives.

    May Jesus guard your safety if yall ever decide to leave the Phoenix airways again . . . I will hunt you down!

    Lords Blessings – Thank You Guys for coming back!
    Aaron K