Monday, September 27, 2010

Which model makes the Snicky


  1. Steve the morning whining bitch, (AKA) Packers' ass wipe. Leave Brett and the Vikings alone.
    Why don't you talk about your team's embarrassment by the lowly Rams and the late fiasco with fat Albert and the sorry ass organization, instead.

  2. I'm going to guess, some European model? We need a name Czabe! Along with the standard "three-pack" of photos.

    Also, cool running...yikes, what a weirdo. Why post your bizarre obsession on this page? Unless you're a jealous ex of this snicky I fail to see the relevance. And if someone is a "whining bitch," why follow his blog so religiously? And one final're Brad Childress, aren't you?

  3. Bill, yes, I am Brad Childress. Let me guess, you are Steve's bitch, aren't you.