Friday, September 10, 2010

Gold Pant Dreamin'

Well, kids, we can dream, right?

I have banged the drum all off-season for the Skins to rock the old school mustard pants as part of their new uniform look. With Bruce Allen's return to the team, sporting the look his father coached under back in the late 70's would be truly delicious.

All through the off-season, the Redskins as an organization, and Allen in particular, have been coy - if non-committal - about what will be the defacto "home uniform" of the team.

Under Gibbs 1.0, it was white tops on brick red pants. A classic look, made even better looking by the fact that those teams won in that get up. Alot.

Over the years, however, it became a bit tired and dated. Losing in them certainly rubbed off much of the "glory" of the white-on-red.

Marty decided he liked the brick-on-white look, and I generally resented it.

Then Spurrier started ushering in the awful white-on-white.

Gibbs 2.0 went back to the white-on-red look, but then relented to the players late in the 2nd season and had some Spurrier-inspired white-on-white games. Boo.

Zorn was mostly white-on-red, but allowed the biggest travesty in Skins modern uniform history when the team rolled out on Monday night against the Steelers in double-burgundy (really, red).

I personally think we're gonna see that gold-pant glory on Sunday, for the following reasons.

a. If it was NOT going to happen, I think Allen would have said that by now.
b. It can't be a league permission issue because they certainly didn't need it for burgundy on burgundy which came out of nowhere, and was launched on a whim.
c. The team has been handing out special "Beat Dallas" t-shirts for this game, that are... wait for it... in GLORIOUS mustard yellow!

Since the Cowboys are normally forced into their non-preferred road blues against the Skins, it was eye opening when Dallas reported to their fans that there would be no wearing of the road blue this year, because the Redskins had REQUESTED to wear red on Sunday.


It's all pointing to a golden moment on Sunday. If not, shame on Bruce Allen for leading us on.

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