Friday, September 24, 2010

A Monument of Mediocrity

Don Nelson is out at Golden State. But hey, he's still the "Winningest Coach In NBA History!"

With a record of 1335-1063 (.557) how will the league ever replace Nellie's brilliance in calling those 20-second timeouts?

Now, Nellie's a nice fella, but for a guy that has NEVER BEEN TO THE NBA FINALS, I find the fact that he's the all-time top dog a little troubling.

If you look here at his year-by-year coaching resume, you realize even more that the NBA is the least coaching important pro league in America.


  1. At least Nellie supplanted another monument of mediocrity to break the wins "record" set by the previous monument of mediocrity, Lenny Wilkins,, and not a good coach who actually won championships.

    The NBA wins record has more to do with good genetics/long life span than it does with coaching ability. Seriously, who would put either of these putzes in the top 10 of guys they'd want to coach their team. I'd take Gino Auriemma before I'd take either of them.

  2. His best chance was with the Milwaukee Bucks w/ Sidney Moncrief, Bob Lanier, Marcus Johnson, Junior Bridgeman, Brian Winters...etc. He should've won several with that team. But then again, The NBA IS the WWE of professional sports, the most fixed sport of them all. Star players, star treatment. I can't even watch anymore, just let me know when Kobe gets his next ring. The current Lakers roster couldn't carry the jockstraps of the early '80s Bucks teams.

  3. But Nellie did bring in the fashionable "Fish Tie" by designer Ralph Marlin. just sayin'.