Wednesday, September 22, 2010


From the Associated Press...

President Barack Obama once told Democratic lawmakers they'd be proud to campaign on historic health care legislation. Six months later, the only Democrats running ads about it are the ones who voted "no."

None of the 219 House Democrats who support the legislation are talking about it in campaign ads. But several of the 34 Democrats who voted "no" can now boast of that vote, casting it as a sign of their fiscal responsibility or independence from Obama and party leaders.

Hope the Kool-Aid was tasty, Democrats. In about a month, you'll begin to feel a hazy, peaceful feeling, and then fall gently asleep.


  1. The donkeys losing Ted Kennedy's Senate seat is a bad bad omen for them. I can't wait.

  2. When the Republicans start giving us alternatives, instead of just whining that everything the Democrats come up with is crap, that's when I'll start listening.

    Until then, please please please stick to sports Czabe. There's enough mudslinging on politics everywhere else I look. Give me a place where I can get away from this crap.

  3. Wow, I just noticed that you kind of LOOK like Rush Limbaugh too... coincidence? I think not!

    And feel free to comment all you want on the incompetence of others, right after you and your colleagues figure out how to get your show podcasts posted for more than two consecutive days without missing - yeah, I said it! Uh huh! That's right!

  4. Just like to reiterate: Everything the dumcraps come up with is crap.

  5. Here's an alternative for all you Donkeys out there: SMALLER GOVERNMENT
    I'm yelling because you JUST DON'T GET IT

  6. Too bad we can't just get rid of government altogether....

  7. Different Matt chiming in...

    I am tired of people saying the Conservatives arent bringing up any new ideas when "new" ideas got us into this crap. In Washington, spend less, give the people their money back and quit wasting time and money on things the govt has no business being in is actually "new".

  8. A lot of people are waking up with a slight pain down below, only to find out the Kool-Aid was spiked with the date-rape drug. Ouch.

  9. The First Matt Says:

    So, the "old" ideas that sunk us into this recession were better?

    Neither party is doing anything well. But at least the dumocrats or dumcraps or whatever you feel like calling them are TRYING something, rather than sitting there pointing fingers. You know, like you just did.

    Until the Republicants do something other than point, their on my s^%9* list. When they start offering better ideas, "new" or "old", they'll stay there.

  10. First Matt,

    What did the Dems dow when Bush was in office? They sat and pointed out everything that Bush did wrong. That is the norm in politics. The party out of office have the benefit of hindsight.

  11. To first Matt:

    Were you better off then (Bush) or now? and don't forget the dumbassocrats ran Congress for last 2 years under Bush . . . just saying spend less . . . tax cuts DO increase revenues . . . PROVEN!

  12. throw all the bums out - czabe for prez in 2012!