Sunday, March 8, 2009

Well, That Was Sure... Uh... Random

The Bills, huh? Really.

Terrell Owens joining what he (or maybe Ralph Wilson’s marketing department) calls “North America’s Team.” Team Snowblower. Team Toronto.


Okaaayyyyy then.

Drew Rosenhaus said he’d have a deal done within a week, and he sure delivered. Not much of a deal – 1 year trial, $6.5 million ($4 million signing bonus). What could it hurt, right?

This is a franchise with an aging owner trying to beat his own mortality clock with another Super Bowl run. It’s a franchise with such a low self-esteem, that they were already pawning off home games north of the border.

If you are already this desperate, then signing emotional baggage boy is hardly any worse.

Which brings me back to the Redskins. I said on my local show in D.C. on Thursday last week that we should ABSOLUTELY bring in T.O. for the “right price and right number of years.”


One for $6.5 is less than what we paid for absolutely nothing from Jason Taylor. This would have been a bargain for us. So what if he’s “difficult” in the locker room? So is Clinton Portis. The two diva’s could fight for the title of “King Diva.”

I need to remind Vinny Cerrato - who huffily declared “why would we want him now” when the team passed on Owens three years ago - that his trade for Brandon Lloyd was far more expensive and less productive than what Owens would author here next season.

Lloyd, KNOWN cancer on the worst team in the league, was on the verge of being released by Mike Nolan. Then Vinny rushes in with a 3rd and a 4th round pick, and the Niners laugh themselves wet in the pants on the way to draft day.

Compounding matters, Joe Gibbs rationalizes ripping up Lloyd’s final year of his contract to give him a new deal with $10 million guaranteed in a new – UN-NECESSARY! - contract by saying lamely “we felt it was the right thing to do.”

Okay, I’m ready to check out. What’s my total?

Brandon Lloyd total: 25 catches in 23 games, no touchdowns. 1 missed game for disciplinary reasons. 1 “R&B” album released while a Redskin. (Note: Not a hit..)

And Vinny has the balls to come out and mock the notion of signing T.O. at this point in his career. Puh-leaze.


The one shrewd (stupid?) element of this deal for Buffalo, is that it will almost CERTAINLY land them 1 or 2 more prime time games than they would have before this. It’s good for national exposure, but bad because there’s pressure playing under the lights, and other teams bring an even greater intensity to the game.

Looking at the Bills opponents, I could see Colts and Saints at “home” (Toronto?) being national TV games and possibly (certainly) at Patriots (T.O. vs. Moss? Come on!)


As you know, I hate to attempt to size up Hall of Fame credentials for players who have yet to even retire, but T.O. is going to be one HELLUVA tricky debate. He’s #2 ALL-TIME in touchdowns. You can’t just dismiss that number easily.

Yet, if ever there was a player who deserved LESS to be “honored” as one of the all time “greats” it’s him.

Wait until Peter King weighs in, and then go the other way.


Final Thought: You know how scared/desperate Drew Rosenhaus was to get his guy a paid deal for 2009, if he took a 1 year deal for just $6.5 million in just 2 days. I can see how Rosenhaus was thinking: “We better take this deal, before they change their minds.”


  1. It would have made sense for the Redskins to sign TO because you know he'll go hard vs Philly and Dallas.

  2. Yea, which means Bill-DC that he'll bitch and cry twice as much when JC misses him on an open route.