Friday, September 16, 2011

Craction Pool Week 2

Hey kiddies, wanna win this brand new, rare and hard-to-find hooded sweatshirt of the mighty "Fightin' Donks" of Southwest Tech?

Well, here you go.

Just sign up for here, and play in my league, here.

Last week, a guy named "KDog" won the week, with a staggering +91! Well done, "KDog." However, I do not know who you are, or how to get a hold of you! So do email me and claim your prize of the autographed Packer helmet.

My picks this week:

Redskins over Cardinals
Chiefs over Lions
Falcons over Eagles
Packers over Panthers
Broncos over Bengals

Good luck, have fun, and remember it's all free!

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