Friday, September 9, 2011

Dan Snyder Doesn't Need To Read To Know When You Are Being Mean

To say that Dan Snyder likes to carry a low profile in the media, is an understatement. Unlike Jerry Jones, Bob Kraft, or others, Snyder just does very little in terms of interviews for print or TV. Often, they are hand picked outlets, controlled, and limited.

So I always find it interesting when a piece pops up out of nowhere, like this one from the NY Times' Magazine.

I would have never known he did this interview, unless somebody sent me the link. A few things in this piece strike me.

1. Dan, dude. Love the new "casual" look you are rockin! I used to always joke: finding a picture of Snyder NOT in a business suit, was harder than finding a clear picture of the Loch Ness Monster. No longer. I'm guessing that's a calculated move to improve your image. Well played.

2. Apparently, Snyder admits he never actually READ the article in the City Paper that prompted a million dollar lawsuit. Wow. I mean, was it THAT hurtful, he couldn't even bear the emotional scars of reading it all? I would have highlighted things, and made notes - IF I was going to commit considerable dollars to a lawsuit. Or, at the very least, when a reporter asked me "did you read it" I would simply say "yes." And leave it at that.

3. He thought the 2005 season, which led to a playoff win in Tampa before a loss the next round in Seattle was "our year." That was a year where they lost 36-0 to the Giants, and were 5-6 before making a late rally to win 5 straight to claim a wildcard. Not what I'd call "our year." The win in Tampa, saw the offense "roll up" a stunning 120 yards of total offense. Brunell was 7-15 for 41 yards and a pick. "Our year."

4. Solar panels are "beautiful" in his eyes. And you can plug in your Volt. Um, how many Volts are on the road right now, anywhere? Six? And is that FREE electricity for your Volt? Knowing how everything costs something at FedEx, I would be quite surprised if that's the case.

5. The amazingly aggressive tone of the interviewer. I mean, wow. He brings up the whole "some fans want you dead" angle. Then he practically begs Snyder to sell the team and go away. If Snyder was hoping this would be a relatively gentle piece, well, I'd say that failed.


  1. Great timing! Less than 24 hours before kickoff for the 2011 season Synder announces that the suit is being dropped after consulting with Wylie. For a smart guy who supposedly "knows PR", it took a pretty long time to reach the obvious conclusion.

  2. Czabe, I apologize for going so off-topic with my reply here, but when someone begins a sentence with "I always find it interesting...", I cannot help but think of Phil Simms getting hit by a snowball. As in, "I always find it interesting...{poof}...What are you!? Whoa."

    Anyway, yeah, aggressive interviewer. "Fans want you dead. I have no question."