Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Let Czabe's CRACTION.com League Begin!

Hey Dooonnnnnnkeeeeeeys!

Wanna win cool useful leftover prizes from Czabe's big ol' closet o' fun? Well, then you better get signed up for the hottest game this side of that stale ol' boring "fantasy" (yawn) football.

Craction, baybee!

Reasons to Play

1. It's fun.
2. It's free.
3. Czabe's prizes.
4. Did I mention, "free?"

Okay, that's all you need. While you are wasting time at work on the interwebs, waste 5 good minutes to make your picks, and to get familiar with Craction. It's super fun, and trust me, the prizes will get better as the weeks go on.

For example, up for grabs this week to our winner, is an actual vintage signed Packer mini-helmet from circa. 1994. I really can't peg what team it was from, but I do recognize Bernardo Harris, Wayne Simmons, and Lamont Hollingquest's various "John Hancocks" on that puppy, so hey.

How 'bout that.

Yours if you win. Right from the very shelves of my office at home. Can I make a bigger sacrifice than that?


Go there now, sign up, and get crackin' on Craction.

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