Thursday, September 29, 2011

McDonalds Campaign Hooks Up With Two Legendary Non-Winners

Further proof that winning in sports means nothing to Madison Avenue: LeBron James (0 NCAA titles, 0 NBA Titles) and Michelle Wie (0 high level amateur titles, 2 low-level LPGA victories, 0 Majors) are the featured athletes to promote McDonald's Monopoly game, where they remind everyone how EASY it is to win.

(Irony alert!)

Kudos to James (I suppose) for having SOME sense of humor to allow this. But then again, he gets paid either way, so what does he really care?

As for Wie, she's the most noted "non-winner" in recent golf history. Despite the mountains of hype on her since she was 14, a mere two skinny Tour wins and nothing else later, she can still snag fat endorsement deals because... well...
“As a personality, Michelle crosses a lot of borders, and this ad and this relationship is a great way to show that, so we’re pretty happy with that,” said Clarke Jones, senior vice president and global director of golf clients for IMG. “Certainly there’s been some criticism about her not being a consistent champion, but look at the way she started to play and win late last year and remember that she is 20 years old. There’s a lot of golf ahead of her.”


  1. What's funny is that people still think LeBron will pass Jordan, and that Wie is the best female golfer. When will they learn.

  2. Anna Kournikova was busy yelling at fat people else they could have got the trifecta!

  3. eh, the most important factor is that she is smoking hot...that's more than half the battle and gives michelle a nice head start in life...never seen the other alleged athlete in action...what is this "NBA" you speak of?