Friday, September 16, 2011

Starr vs. Favre

Thanks to the boys and girls at NFL Films for letting me be a talking head contributor to their ongoing "Top 10" series. Packer fans will want to set their DVR's for this beauty on Saturday night, as they tackle the ol' Favre vs. Starr debate.

I am an admitted outsider, so you can take my opinion for what it's worth. (Translation: not worth as much as a diehard, but perhaps a worthy opinion to compare against as a mostly neutral observer).

To me, Bart Starr is so iconic and beloved up there in Green Bay, and Wisconsin in general, that Favre will never come close to his stature. And yet, he could have eclipsed Starr had he not shown such crass indifference to the loyalty of the fanbase.

Brett Favre never had class. Bart Starr, IS class. It's just that simple.

A gigantic pile of passing records and the games played streak will never eclipse the legend of Bart.

But what do I know?

Enjoy the special.


  1. Steelers fan here, but gotta agree with you.

  2. czabe...




  3. Czabe is ABSOLUTELY correct. Bart Starr ALWAYS gets the most applause when introduced at the stadium.

    I don't recall Starr doing/saying anything negative towards the city or organization, even when he was fired as the coach.

  4. Bart Starr is Green Bay football.

    Brett Favre was a great QB who won ONE Super Bowl and took the team to one other Super Bowl. That's it.

    Favre had a chance to finish his career as THE GREATEST PACKER EVER... if he would have done things correctly.

    He could have finished his career with class and honor - even with un-retiring one more time - and been looked at as every bit the Green Bay Packer Icon as Bart Starr.

    Of course, those of us who understood the inner diva that Favre possessed knew that he was a narcissistic jag that DID NOT CARE FOR GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN OR ANYTHING ELSE RELATED TO PACKER FOOTBALL.

    He just didn't care... and that was reflected in his playing and whining like a little bitch over the last half of his career.

    RIGHTFULLY SO, Ted Thompson was sick of catering to a bitchy little drama queen like Brett Favre - every bit the prima donna as Terrel Owens, Randy Moss or Chad Johnson.

    Ted Thompson knew that the only way to reach greatness for the Packers was to shit-can the shit head... and take the lumps that went along with it.

    So, even with all of this... how easy would it have been to un-retire one more time and have it add to your legacy?

    Of course, only someone who was a genuine human being could do it (i.e. Bart Starr-like)

    Here you go...

    1. Call Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy and say that you wanted to return. Tell them that you understand the difficulty that you have caused over the years. Tell them that you will return in the manner that they think they will help the team (i.e. as a backup).

    2. Call a press conference to announce the return and say...

    "This has been a difficult off season for my family and I and I know that my actions have been difficult on the Packers and the Packer fans as well. It is difficult for me because of the passion that I have for this team, it's fans and the game itself that it is incredibly difficult for me to walk away. This game, this team and this town have been my life, my family's life for my entire adult life. Because of this, I asked TT and MM about returning to the Packers for the upcoming season and delaying my retirement... again. After a long discussion about the future of the team... your team... our team... TT and MM have graciously made it possible for me to return to the Packers for the upcoming season and for the rest of my career as an NFL player... However, TT and MM have made it clear - and I completely agree - that the Green Bay Packers will have a new starting QB this year. Aaron Rodgers. His time has come to start in the NFL. I have watched him grow. I have watched him learn. His is ready to lead this team and become a great QB in the NFL. Even though being a starting QB for the Green Bay Packers is the greatest job that I could have ever imagined having, it is now my time to step aside and assume my role as a backup and help Aaron Rodgers in any way that TT and MM ask of me. It is their team and I just want to help in any way possible... because this is and always will be my team... and this is and always be my second home. Thank you for treating me the way you have over the last 15 years. I only hope that I have been able to give you as much joy as this game, this team and this town have given me. Thank you."

    If he had given that speech and MEANT IT, he would have become a legend - not just in Green Bay, but the entire NFL - equal in stature to Walter Payton, Jim Brown, Bart Starr, Joe Montana or Reggie White.

    It would have been the succession of the Yankees from Ruth to Gehrig to Dimaggio to Mantle to Murcer (whoops) to Jackson to Mattingly, etc...

    Of course, Favre is an egomaniacal douche bag who doesn't give a crap about anything related to the Packers, the Packers tradition or the Packers fans... and because of this, he will NEVER be able to even come close to being the legend that Bart Starr is.

  5. Here's a related question... Who will be the greater Green Bay Packer star?
    Brett Farve or Aaron Rodgers?

    I'm going with Aaron Rodgers, as I see another Super Bowl victory in Green Baby with him at the helm.

  6. all depends on your age. if you under 40. No one cares about Bart Starr. We never seem him play so we have no emotional tie to the guy.

    When hes long gone, he will disappear into the record books that only you really old folks talk about.

    Starr has more fans now, but once Favre lands in the HOF, and has his number retired by GB. he will bypass any star power Bart Star has left.