Sunday, September 11, 2011

Joe Pa Fires 'Em Up!

The old man can still fire up the student body, can't he?

and... while he's' shaking his cane around.... YOU KIDS GET OF HIS DAMN LAWN!


  1. Czabe, the guy is an Icon, come on. You are a pretty well known guy, but will you accomplish 10% of what Paterno has? At what point does someone actually "DESERVE" respect and not ridicule? Just a thought Czabe. I like your schtick, but I think this kind of Paul Finebaumish garbage is below you.

  2. I think the above comment is from Jay Paterno.

    To be honest, I think Czaben treated Paterno with too much respect. His insistence on continuing at this point is nothing but selfish. He can hardly do his job anymore, yet will not respectfully step down.

    Czaban doesn't even point that, but compliments him for getting the crowd jacked up.

    Paterno needs to go. I'd rather have the A.D. let him go than have the coroner pick his body up along the sideline.