Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"I'm LeBron Baby!"

In fact, I am starting to think that "yes, yes you are!" And that's not a good thing, either.

I remember the quote attributed to Obama at the 2004 Democratic Convention: "I’m LeBron, baby. I can play on this level. I got some game.”

Neil Minkoff of the National Review Online makes a great comparison to perhaps the two biggest "global icons" we have here in America.
The most compelling part of the Barack Obama–LeBron James comparison is the baffling way each wilts when the lights are brightest and the stakes highest. LeBron has now appeared in two championship series (2007, 2011) and an Eastern Conference finals (2010), where he played poorly and shrank whenever the game was tight in the fourth quarter. LeBron didn’t want the ball and played hot potato whenever the ball found its way to him. Similarly, Obama is said to be “leading from behind” when he dishes off health-care reform and negotiating the debt-ceiling agreement to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Obama has passed responsibility for Gitmo policy and trials for terror suspects to Eric Holder, his attorney general. The buck has been passed to NATO for our military presence in Libya. At each crisis, Barack Obama hasn’t wanted to take responsibility for a decision, so he relied on his teammates in his cabinet and Congress to carry him.
The footnote to this excellent piece, is that LeBron still remains VERY popular for a large segment of the sports public that - believe it or not - just doesn't put too much stock in that pesky thing called "winning."

Just like, I am sure, Obama remains popular for a large segment of the population that - believe it or not - just doesn't get too wrapped up in the fact his policies have all been abject failures.


  1. Just like a Republican - read the opinion of someone else, and say, "yeah, that's what I think, too." Please stick to sports.

  2. Oh yeah, totally Gil...two people aren't allowed to come to the same conclusion, especially if it's the right one.

  3. A totally apt comparison. Now if only our President would take his talents somewhere south... like Venezuela maybe?

  4. Yea gil, I mean just the other night Rachel Maddow told me to think that Republicans are sheep, and do what their overlords tell them too. Then Chris Mathews told me to think that all Tea Party members follow lock-step with Sarah Palin. Then Ed Schultz told me to think......

  5. Hope and Change.

    It should be...

    Change and Hope.

    How is he doing on raising the sea level? That was a big part of his never ending campaign...I mean, the guy is still running for President, he never bothered doing that stuff that Bush did, like interact with the opposing party, formulate budgets and all that stupid stuff that rich white folk do to exploit women and people of color.

  6. Some of the best posts are relating a sports personality like LeBron or Tiger to Obama. The similarities are immense and eerily similar.

    The thing I get a kick out of most is that when Obama is compared to a uber-famous sports star, Dems are crazy indignant; call Bush a monkey or Laura Ingram a s!ut and Dems run it up the flagpole.

    The only sheeple around here flock to the left... lets vote in another community organizer with 18 months experience. In my field that's called water-boy.

  7. Read your piece on the President. I am a proud veteran (Combat Medic) that served from 1983 to 2003. Served under a great President Reagan and almost great President Clinton. Went to war under both President Bush’s of which I will not comment on those two. I was honestly wondering do you really think this country would be better with McCain and Palin trying to stop the past 8 to 10 yr mess we are in or are you just running off at the mouth. Thanks will be listening..1st Cavalry and 7th Infantry Division

  8. Curtis, the "do you think we would be better" arguement is bulls**t, because we will never know how McCain would have done in this spot, just like we have no idea what the world would be like if Gore or (god forbid) Kerry would have been voted in. All we have to discuss is what we know, and we KNOW that this guy has done very little to move this country forward, or out of any "mess" that we were in. Even with his party controlling the presidency, the house, and the senate, he was still able to accomplish nothing but increasing our spending.
    Instead of asking simplistic easy out questions like that, why don't you defend the guy you obviously support?