Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting Paid, Means Never Having to Get Up Quickly

To say that I am going to enjoy watching Albert Haynesworth frustrate the living crap out of every Patriot coach, player, fan, and beat writer this year, is a massive understatement.

To quote T.O. "Getcha popcorn ready!"

Because the Fat Albert Show in New England is just getting rolling.

Here's the headline from the Boston Globe's Patriot Blog:


Oh, you can ASK for more. You can HOPE for more. But you are NOT going to GET more.

In fact, count on LESS, and then lower your expectations from there.

This guy is such a colossal bum, even the Bill Belichick rehabilitation touch is going to fail on this project. Here's the funny part of the story on last week's game against the Chargers.
Against the Chargers, Haynesworth didn't have one impactful play. He didn't even show up on the stat sheet. Haynesworth wasn't terrible or anything -- he competed fine (although his final two plays were a little suspect) -- you just expect an obviously talented player to have some sort of an impact. If Haynesworth did have an impact, it was of the negative variety when got out of his run gap three times, including the touchdown run by Ryan Mathews. By going inside Haynesworth left too much room for Mayo to cover in that gap. Haynesworth's two final plays were his poorest. He was knocked to the ground for the seventh and eighth time in the game and didn't make much of an attempt to get up. Check the footage at 14:13 of the fourth quarter to see what I'm talking about. Here's a screen grab."

And so it begins. Have fun, Pats fans. The ride is just beginning.

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  1. For some reason, that headline makes me think of a classic scene from Seinfeld.

    Elaine: Maybe there's more to Newman than we thought.

    Jerry: No...there's less.

  2. And the "Experts/Pundits" were absolutely GIDDY with praise for the Patriots brain trust when they signed Albert and Ocho, no?

  3. He was originally listed with a bad knee and questionable, now he's out with a bad back. Is the designation, "Turd" available on the NFL's injury list?