Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hispanic Anti-Cancer Gay Pride Support The Troops NFL Week/Month/Year

Yes, methinks the mighty "Shield" is getting spread just a bit thin on tangential market segment causes they choose to "champion" during the season.

As you surely know, this month they are honoring Hispanic Heritage Month in the NFL, and I can only think of my favorite hispanic NFL player of all time: Chad Ochocinco.

TO: Czabe
RE: NFL Silliness

Dude, can you please air this out tomorrow???

The NFL's production of their Latin American history month celebration
is the same cloaked marketing campaign as their Breast Cancer
shenanigans that you've outlined so well.

The bottom line is, the NFL wouldn't work this Latin angle in if they
couldn't profit from it. They're simply using it as an opportunity to
focus on a particular demographic.

¡No Mas Goodell!

¿Donde SeƱor Tagliabue?

- Jon Smith


  1. "NFL wouldn't work this Latin angle in if they
    couldn't profit from it."

    So what's the big deal? The same could be said for virtually ANY business/charity tie-ins.

  2. There is an awful lot of profit in nonprofit. Just remember that.

  3. i especially enjoyed Hank Williams' spanglish version of the tired old MNF theme song. classic.

  4. They should have narrowed it down even further and declared it Vida Guerra Appreciation Month.

    Now that is a cause I would get behind.