Friday, October 25, 2013

Classic Tommy Lasorda

As I kid I vividly remember watching Reggie stick his fat ass out and deflect that throw from second base. I remember how much I hated the Yankees, and couldn't believe the stupid umpires could let that play stand and not call interference.

Well, time and adulthood do change things. Looking at this now, I realize it was probably the right call. Reggie barely stuck out his ass after all, and in fast motion (see the first replay of the play in real time) it's nearly invisible.

Still, Lasorda's mic'ed up tirade is classic. Not to mention the umpires inexplicable RED "umpiring jackets."

Then, I got sent THIS more profane (warning: NSFW!) audio of Lasorda in the dugout, off-camera, but definitely ON MIC, talking about removing Doug Rau from the game and the f-bombings that ensue when he does.

Classic stuff. Enjoy.


  1. That Jackson play was when I realized for the first time, as a 12 yr old, that sports weren't as pure as a 12 yr old thinks.

  2. Still less controversial than Hrbek lifting Ron Gants leg off of first base.

  3. jeebus that ron burgundy umping???? wtf were they thinking? oh, yeah,put a red velvet smoking jacket on them. that will make them distinguished and undeniably correct. wow.

  4. Do you have anything light to read?

    How about this leaflet, "Controversial Playoff Calls Against the Yankees"?