Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We Need to Pay These Guys

Wouldn't it be super to think about what a poor, exploited, stutent-athlete like Oklahoma's now-suspended WR Trey Metoyer would do with his Jay-Bilas-Endorsed cash payment for being a D1 player?

Perhaps he could afford a newer, nicer car, in which to stalk innocent female victims and masturbate to them while in park.
“The victim advised she was on a balcony smoking a cigarette when she observed the black male driving through the parking lot ? in a red Grand Am,” states the affidavit of the Aug. 29 incident. “The black male backed up and pulled into a parking spot. The victim noticed a short time later that the black male had his (genitals) exposed while sitting in the car (performing a lewd act).”
 If only Metoyer had his $10,000 per quarter "salary" from everyone who thinks these kids are so "exploited." Maybe he could buy more tattoos. Although it looks like he'e running out of space.

Bottom line is the same as it ever was: these players have the DEAL OF A LIFETIME, if they want to take advantage of it. Many, do not. And since the NCAA isn't doing anything illegal, and since there is no SHORTAGE of willing D1 scholarship players in football and basketball, then the appropriate course of action is....... (drumroll)...


The system is fine. It's a fantastic deal. There are people waiting in line to take perverted Trey's full ride.

But go ahead, folks. Write your fairytale blog posts about these poor kids, being exploited sweatshop workers. Whatever makes you feel good.


  1. Czabe: If they get paid there will be unintended consequences in addition to those you mentioned. Such as, You can not enter the draft before your college eligibility is up. We can trade you to another school. If you hold out you are effectively dropping out of school, but you will not be able to play for another school.

    I don't think most people who consider pay for students have really thought how it would be even better for the schools and worse for the players.

  2. I always thought getting a full ride to a D1 school getting an education at one of America’s finest intuitions of higher education to play football was kinda like getting paid. Sad part is; when it finally comes to an end (somehow and some way it always does) and they don’t make it to the NFL, they aren’t able to use the free education to raise themselves out of the poverty they came from.