Thursday, October 17, 2013

Of Course This Duke Basketball Photo Was Going To Be A Problem

Because America - or really, liberal mainstream media America - has lost their rational minds over guns.

Let's review.

1. We send non-basketball playing boys the same age to war, with guns, just like this.
2. Their coach, Mike Kryziewski went to WEST POINT!
3. The players are not brandishing the guns in any wanna-be gang-banger way, or pointing them at the guy taking the photo. (Well, one player has very bad trigger discipline. Ok.)

And GET THIS... they are NOT even real guns! They are laser simulators, with a pneumatic air-hose attachment meant to simulate the recoil on an AR-15.

Oh, and I suppose it's just fine to "mainstream" weapons and fictional violence in video game ads.

But hey, whatever makes you feel "sensitive."


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