Thursday, October 24, 2013

Now THAT Is Racist!

Oh, wow. I am sure half of you are completely appalled by this, and the other half are wondering: "Cool hats. Very counter-culture. Where can I get one?"

Answer: You can't. It was made by the National Congress of American Indians to attempt to hammer home a point.

Me? Hey, I don't want to weigh in on whether Chief Wahoo is "racist" or "insensitive".

But I certainly do like anybody else taking politically correct fire besides my Redskins.

Apparently now the Indians are taking a "survey" of their own fans about good ol' Chief Wahoo.

I think we know where this is ultimately heading.

Good luck, Cleveland.


  1. What about the Minnesota Vikings? Do they not offend anyone of Brittish or Christian descent?

    I cry bullshit on all of it!!

  2. The Cleveland Indians survey suggests an alternate logo: