Wednesday, October 23, 2013

World Series Preview: Sox vs. Cards

Any "predictions" on sports are foolish. We all know that.

The reason we watch, is because of the "holy shit, I can't believe that just happened" aspect of the games. Sports was, is, and will always remain the original and most spectacular "reality show" in the history of TV.

But, you know, people like predictions. So instead of my World Series prediction (worthless) I give you the always astute "Mr. X" who throws out season-long over/under bets on my radio show every spring, that are a DOCUMENTED 80% winners.

Here's what "X" sez about the series...

Have been pretty on target all postseason, except thought LA would beat Cards.

Cards- most solid organization. They play every game to WIN, and do all the little things you need to do. None of this, “oh, sorry, but I’m not a very good bunter” crap!

Matheny is way overrated, but otherwise just a good team. When a guy comes off the DL in July, the talk about a week or so to get timing back….but in post season they are supposed to step right in? Not sure we can expect much from Craig. If healthy, they win. But I’d be surprised if he is.

Boston – yes, I’m in RedSox Nation, and have been since 67. Watched this team every day for a month in July/Aug. Fun for a year – but a TERRIBLE team for postseason. They do NOTHING but swing for fences. If they get a man on 3b with 0 outs, 9 monster cuts later, the inning may be over. They do it all the time. I like that for 162, but not for series.

But, they go for the, somebody hit a slam and we win strategy. Worked vs Det – but was ugly.

No Ortiz in StL for 3. He’ll probably play 1b some. Craig will DH in Fenway – not sure he’ll be effective. Rules are overrated – f’n everyone can do a double switch – and unlike most AL teams, the sox bench is loaded with players as good as starters, so an NL style game is fine for them.

They will find a way to win 2 or 3 games by sheer hitting alone, and Uehara has been unhittable since July 1.

I’ll take Boston in 7. They just keep finding a way – and I’ll take Lucky over good anytime.

NOTE: And if you like this picture of Fenway Park, you can get it as a free wallpaper for your pornloader computer at this link. I don't believe this site has malware on it, but you never know. It does have an ABSURD volume of really good looking wallpapers, however. Don't get lost browsing! And stop looking at Selena Gomez you dirty old man! She's like your kid! Pervert.


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