Thursday, October 24, 2013

... Except The FAKE Obamacare Website From 2010.... Works Like A Charm!



  1. Czabe...... Your a fuckin idiot!!!! You don't like Obama! We get it! Get over it and move on you racist turd!!

  2. Here we go. Just pretend like the cluster f*ck that was most of October never happened. Nothing to see here. And back on the "Obama this...", "Hillary that..."

    Czabe, I love your show and has been bookmarked for damn near a decade now, but this is getting so tired. You're a card carrying Republican and don't like the current administration, we know, we get it.

    I always thought though that you had some level of objectivity, but it's really clear that either you're more Tea Party than Republican or not nearly as objective as I'd given you credit for.

    Since ol' George W left the White House, your political rhetoric has increased by...well...I don't know, because that would imply that you would have these sorts of outbursts towards GOP based idiocy. Perhaps the odd story in The Daily Czabe about some political misgivings, but ONLY if it was actually funny...and not because you needed to vent about something you disagreed with.

    I've got to imagine that there's no shortage of right wing radio shows in your area that perhaps you could be a guest on once per week that could fill your quota, no? As it stands, this all just comes off as a Ted Cruz-like, pay no attention to what's going on behind the Red curtain and look at what those dummies are doing over there.

    Isn't railing against hypocrisy stupidity, REGARDLESS of it's origins, what you're all about? Politically speaking, you're sounding more and more like a mouth piece.