Monday, October 14, 2013

Snickies du Jour: The Lovely TV Commercial Gingers

This is an incomplete little list, to be sure, but I can't help but notice the lovely and exotic redheads that are appearing all over the tele during commercials these days.

Here's some of my faves....

1. The Audi TDI "Diesel" Redhead. Mature. Clean lines. Professional. Poised. Nice.
2. The Wendy's redhead. Sorta annoying. Overly perky. But likes fast food. Plus.
3. The Sprint Zombie redhead. Wholesome. But awfully young. Swear she's in high school. Creepy.

Now, there's an ad with a stunning looking redhead (I think) who has radiantly blue eyes (might be contacts or photoshopped) who wears many different "uniforms." Firefighter. Doctor. Etc. Can't find her on the web for the life of me.

If you know who I am talking about and have a link/picture, drop me an email. Or, if there are other "commercial redheads" who are bringing the heat, by all means let me know!


  1. Whoa, whoa whoa... Let's not be putting labels on people here.

  2. You mean this one Czabe?

  3. Hazaa. I've been digging the new Wendy girl for awhile now and have picked up on the red-head saturation of late...
    The zombie ad has grown on me. ">ear drop<.....I'm a zombie."

  4. Czabe,

    Do you mean this one?

  5. Your mising the best one....the chick from the Delta Airlines safety videos.... to 1:50

  6. Hey Czabe,
    The girl in the Zombie commercial is the same girl from the "French the Rainbow" Skittles commercial. She looks even younger in the Skittles commercial.