Wednesday, October 9, 2013

You Can Stop Looking for those Handy E-Mail Tabs in Yahoo's New and "Improved" Interface...

..... because they got rid of them.


Look, I don't want to be "that guy" who bitches about a wonderful, absolutely FREE service. You know, one that Yahoo is providing me in the form of the very sleek, easy to remember contact address of

It is one that currently houses some 50,000 emails of mine and is the one and only email I actually check. (Other "feeder emails" get bounced to this account, like the ESPN980 one and the other on Yahoo Sports Radio).

Like Chico Esquela once said about baseball: "Yahoo email has been beddy beddy good to me..."

But holy hell you purple demons! Why. Why oh why oh why??????

Tab opening emails WAS MY GO TO MOVE Jerry! I used it ALL THE TIME! Especially on the radio, when I wanted to read 2 or 3 in a row, without having to either...

a. Print them
b. Open an entirely new browser window
c. Search for them in some temporary folder.

Nope. That feature is gone, gone, gone.

And of course, I had to GOOGLE SEARCH IT (take that, Yahoo! I'm using somebody else for SEARCH! Bwhahahahah!) to find out.

'Twould be nice, dontchathink, if Yahoo could make a big bold simple page that said basically, here's what's new, here's what's gone, and (if they were feeling generous in their reasoning) explain the thinking or rationale behind each one.

Ahhhh. Never mind.

I found this article which basically deals with it all.

Have a nice Wednesday. If you are like me, Yahoo just stole at least an hour of your life.

But I'm not bitching. Thank you, Yahoo, for the free email.

PS: Please don't hack my account. Thank you.

/slinks away quietly


  1. Email hasn’t changed for the last twenty years. You send and receive text notes, there may be an attachment on link or not. Yet somehow, email gets revamped every 18 months. WFT?! Same with office desk phones; talk into one end, listen to the other, check voice mail. New phone system everyone, give up a lunch or longer for training! Eat me.

  2. Valid points, Czabe, but biting the hand that feeds you isn't too bright.

  3. Oy, getting to comments is frustratingly difficult now... In any case, the site you link to, Czabe, has been updated with this note:

    You can get back tabs on Yahoo! Mail after all. What you need to do is switch back and forth between the basic and newest version of the interface until tabs are suddenly working again. You will recognize this when you see Inbox, Contacts and Calendar showing up in tabs in the basic version. When that happens, tabs are back and any click on an email will open it in a new tab in the interface.

    You can change back to the new Yahoo! Mail at any time with a click on the link that is displayed in the interface.

    1. Unfortunately, Yahoo disabled that workaround when they discovered people were using it :-(

  4. I am unable to see the comments for Czabe's posts a majority of the time. What the heck is this bouncing between and

  5. is at this time the old version of Yahoo email. I've started moving over my emails and subscription to my new email, and it is as delightful, fast and tabbed as the old Yahoo email. Very happy with it! So far, they don't allow POP3 unless you pay 49.99 for a plus account. BTW, as of Nov. 6th, they patched the fix of moving back and forth, so you can't go back to the productive email that you love.