Monday, October 21, 2013

"How 'Bout A Little Fire, Scarecrow!"

What part of "get out of bounds" does Robert Griffin III not understand?

Nobody has been a bigger, in-the-tank, hopeless bromance, man-crush supporter of this guy than me.


But I've just about had it.

At least 3 times on Sunday against the Bears, Griffin took needless shots at the sideline. One of those I am certain, was an attempt to bait Charles Tillman (ironically, the "other" most famous product of Copperas Cove, TX) into getting a 15 yard penalty.

I know this, because Griffin himself essentially bragged about trying to bait defenders into the extra 15 yards.

In this instance, Griffin lingered too long well inside the white chalk (where they give QB's EVERY benefit of the doubt) and Tillman BLASTED him in the upper body, sending him careening to the ground.

Utterly stupid.

Another time, Griffin cut back INTO the field of play to gain literally ONE extra yard, and take a hit in the process.

This madness has to stop. Period. In a league where two QB's went down Sunday less than 2 feet from the boundary (Nick Foles in Philly - stupidest play in the NFL this year, and Sam Bradford - running for his life) this game Griffin is playing is patently insane.

Listener Neil Jacobs submits the following.
I think RGMe should receive a "C-" on his performance yesterday against the Bears. Sure he was, as Coach Sheehan said this morning, "spectacular" in moments, but his long term prognosis is not good. The first thing that Me established yesterday was that he has learned nothing from his 2 past knee injuries, and last year's concussion. He has failed to show that he understands that sacrificing 1-3 extra yards, is not worth the vicious punishment his body is taking. His hubris seems to force him to go for the extra 1 or 2 yards, while risking his, and his teams, future. That's not leadership, its his selfishness and need to be the sacrificing martyr. 
His throwing skills have seemingly diminished, and has regressed to receiver lock, where he does not seemingly see wide open receivers. Additionally, his instincts have regressed as the pick, and the TD throw showed. Sure Robinson scored, but it should have been a INT, and it will be 8/10 times he tries that. 
Sure he sets up the read option well, but his reckless and careless disregard to his own body will, within a short period of time, be his undoing . . . once again. Though he may be intelligent, he certainly plays stupid. Unfortunately he is a modern day Icarus, who's feathers are clearly melting off, but his narcissism won't allow him to do anything about it. 
Agreed. 1000%

Playing with fire. Just a matter of time.

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