Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"A Young Catherine Zeta-Jones, With Huge Cans"

Yep, that's the lovely Amanda Duffner, getting a pat-pat on her... err.... "duffner" after laconic hubby and now golfing cult figure Jason won the PGA Championship.

By now, most men are more impressed that a muffin-gut, dip-spittin, Hubert "Bad Hair" Wimberly-lookin' guy like him, could bag a lovely southern lass like her.

Forget winning a Major. He's already won the grand slam!

So without further keystroking by me, enjoy the lovely smattering of Amanda Duffner images from the inter webs, along with the two most famous "waggles" in the history of golf.


  1. She looks much better in the other pics. I wasn't digging the Olive Oil look on Sunday.

  2. When I saw the awesome "love pat" that the Duffster did on national TV I KNEW it would be commented on by Czabe! Just knew it.

    Vindicated....and she's a total hottie.

  3. if duffner isn't the poster boy for money gets pussy. who is?

  4. I was thinking more "Spaulding Smails" than Hubert Waverly but, won't split hars here.
    (Just seams like booger eateryo me.)

  5. Holding cans "with huge cans". How long did it take Czabe to find THAT picture?

    Love Dufner's look, like he's just going through life and it's normal to have such golf talent and a hottie. "Eh, no big thing."

  6. Just a reminder to all you young lads to practice your golf.