Wednesday, August 14, 2013

RG3 and His Dad Are Apparently A Package Deal

Anytime you hear a father say "I won't tell (insert coach's name here) how to coach the team..." well then, brace yourself for exactly that.

RG2 is now officially "fully involved" in his son's pro career here in Washington.

This from the GQ cover story on the recovering but still quite photogenic Mr. Griffin.
When I speak to RG2, he makes an effort to be diplomatic. "I will not tell Coach Shanahan how to do any part of his job," he says, "because he's been doing this for a long time." But he stands by his opinion—and then some. 
"You tell a kid that you want him to be there for fourteen years, guess what? Historical data will tell you that the more he runs, the more subject he is to career injury," he says. "You name one quarterback out there that would rather run the football than throw the football and I'll show you a loser."
Wow. Strong stuff. I wonder who he is (cough, Mike Vick) referring to in that (cough COUGH Mike Vick) statement?

I am a bit torn on the "net-net" of this whole thing with RG2, however, because he happens to be correct. RG3 can't run the ball 120 times a season. Just, cannot. And they certainly can't run pure option with him like they did (at times) last year.

But much of RG2's advice needs to go to his own SON, and not the perma-tanned lil' General. His kid needs to really study hard the tape on Russell Wilson, who is adept at stealing a backbreaking 15 yards with his legs, and then sliding safely to the ground without trying to make SportsCenter's "Top 10 Plays" list.

So for now, I am just going to enjoy the fact that he is torturing the living shit out of Shanny right now with his complete inability (or unwillingness) to just "go with the program" and treat August as the meaningless exercise it actually is for veterans and stars.

Shanny made the mistake of trying to cater to RG3's ego last January. A confident coach would have simply pulled RG3 for the simple fact he couldn't run full speed or throw with any oomph after they built the 14-0 lead.

Instead, Shanny made the mistake of putting one players feelings above the statistically better chance of winning and advancing.

He's paying for it now. And that's not me snickering in the back of the room.

I swear.

/covers mouth
/tee hee hee


RG3 Does Prancy Little Photo Shoot for GQ

This is... um.... well... okay. Uh, whatever. Stay classy, Robert.

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