Thursday, August 15, 2013

Snicky du Jour: Erin Andrews

There were two thoughts that crossed my mind when I watched the promo below for Fox Sports 1 and their "College Football Saturday Show" hosted by the lovely Ms. Andrews.

Thought 1: Holy geeezus, what a SMOKESHOW she is!
Thought 2: Man, that voice REALLY is annoying.
Thought 3: Hey dummy, Thought 1 trumps Thought 2 all day, every day.

So while I think you can opt-out of actually watching the video promo HERE (though you might want to see Petros Papadakis discuss his utter failure as a USC football captain, or wonder why former NFL referee Mike Pereira seems so awkwardly out of place) here's a few screen grabs to enjoy.

Oh, and if you want to see Fox Sports 1's "#2 starter" in the "hotness rotation" you can watch the promo video for "Fox Sports Live" and the utterly awesome Charissa Thompson. Yowza!


  1. Love it Czabe. Great that she's embraced her peep-hole past with that dress. Yow! And I'll say that Charissa is an awfully strong #2. Kind of like having Cliff Lee behind Roy Halladay back in '08/'09. She nice.

  2. Erin Andrews still brings it!!