Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Boston Horror: Sox Broadcaster Jerry Remy's Son Was A Walking Timebomb

.... and last week it went... ka-boom.

At first, the story of son Jared stabbing his 27 year old girlfriend to death in front of their 4 year old child seemed to have little news value beyond greater Boston. Shocking, and utterly sad, yes, but relevant to anyone else? Nah.

Then I read the details.

Wow. Holy crap. Talk about system failure and missed chances.

The NIGHT BEFORE she was stabbed to death, Remy's girlfriend had her HEAD SMASHED INTO A MIRROR.

But she didn't press further charges, because of apparent pressure by Remy's parents.

"Martel's family told the Boston Globe that Martel backed off due to pressure coming from Remy's mother, "who begged her not to file any kind of complaint because it would ruin Remy’s life." Prosecutors have confirmed that Martel's unwillingness to get a restraining order was a major factor."


And of course, all the good laws and statues on the books to prevent this kind of thing - not to mention common sense by victims which also gets battered and distorted - failed.

Hell, I would have locked this creep up on looks alone. I know it seems unconstitutional and all, but sheesh. C'mon. This guy has "will fatally stab his girlfriend to death" written all over him!

And then there's this...

"Since 1998, Remy has faced 15 criminal charges. He has been accused of assaulting five people, four of them women. He formerly worked security for the Red Sox but was fired in 2008 as the result of a steroid investigation."

So yeah. Super. Did I also mention all THREE of Remy's kids (including his daughter) have a criminal record?

And yet Remy Jr. had a sweet job on the Sox payroll for about a decade.

It kinda makes Andy Reid's coddling of his son Garrett under the Eagles umbrella look like child's play, doesn't it.


  1. Czaebe this is nothing.
    You should see how many children in milwaukee die due to neglect and abuse. The parents mile long track records with the system for beatings and neglect and it always ends up being determined insufficient evidence and the kid is sent back with the abusive parents. Until they're beaten to death.

  2. Wow, what a Neanderthal. He looks just like "Crusher" from the Bugs Bunny cartoons!