Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Remember Kids, It's All About Making Football Safer!

Which is why, when I read this article from the AP about the league *possibly* considering a rule change to outlaw "hits" to the "knee,", I merely shake my head and chuckle.

Of course they would do this. The NFL is never far from pushing the illusion that football can be made "safe."

(I put those in quotes, because what is a tackle, and what is a hit? What is the knee, and what is the lower thigh or upper shin? See the slippery slope we are on already?)

Here's a perfect example. We know that hits to the head of "defenseless" receivers are outlawed now. Okay, fine. But here's some sweet packaged football violence that is perfectly legal.

Packer OL Even Dietrich-Smith is engaged with Seahawk linebacker Bobby Wagner, to the point in which either Wagner's helmet is popping off in the collision like a hubcap in a head-on crash, or his neck is being twisted in an Exorcist like fashion to the right.

But the league doesn't give two craps about this, because THESE hits happen in the "trenches" where you don't see guys in the open field get "blown up" and then lay motionless for 10 minutes.

Of course, the RB in the picture, DeJuan Harris, is out for the year with a.... wait for it.... KNEE injury. One that I am just SURE would never happen, if the NFL adopts this wonderful new rule.


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