Saturday, August 24, 2013

Taking A Longshot Bet on "Black 13"

Okay, so I'm watching the Packer-Seahawk exhibition game (errr... "Pre-Season" game...) from my in-laws Maine cabin (they actually had it on, for some reason) and I caught my first Packer action of one Vincent Young.

The two things that struck me immediately were...

1. Hmmm. 13. Odd number. Who has worn that "lucky" set of digits before in Green and Gold. (Answer: Chris Jacke, and Chester Marcol, both kickers, among others...)

2. And oh, yeah... a black QB. Have the Packers ever had one of them?

Apparently, not. At least not a starter. Which is fine. I am not trying to start anything here. In fact, I think any Packer fan would gladly welcome a kick-ass black starter, once your currrent 2 generation run of sure-fire Hall of Famers runs out. (/shakes fist. /#bastards!)

It just looked really, odd.

As for how did Vince play? I only saw a snippet, so I don't know. Personally, I think the guy is completely shot. In fact, he was never as good as the hype, and obviously he lacks the maturity and leadership to be the calm face of the franchise when things are not going well.

But I do sense that he's giving this comeback an earnest and humble effort. And for that, I applaud the guy. I am just not sure what he can do, or bring to the table. The coaches and Ted will have to figure that one out.

One last thing that bugged the crap out of me, however. Phil Simms. As you may know already, I have been very adamant that both Simms and Aikman are horribly, laughably, are-you-actually-listening-to-what-they-say BAD BAD BAD at analyzing NFL games on TV.

Oh sure, Phil is good at cliches delivered in a quasi-John Wayne cowboy voice. And Troy is good at giving you a second play-by-play description of what you just saw anyway, over a slow motion replay.

(Note: Tim Ryan and Cris Collinsworth are BY FAR and away, the best NFL game analysts on TV, IMHO).

So Vince nearly throws an awful pick on like his 3rd throw, and Simms blurps out unthinkingly "Good quick decision there...."

No! No, no, NOOOOOOO!

Bad decision! BAD! What is he TALKING about?!

Not only did Vince not properly read the linebacker who had dropped into his throwing lane, but the pass was going to be YARDS behind the receiver anyway!

And all Cowboy Simms could say was "good quick decision...." followed by some rambling nonsense.



  1. Czabe, you missed the part where Simms compared the throwing motions of some of the "elite" quarterbacks, or as Simms listed them: Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilsom, and Mark Sanchez. He is truly awful.

    1. The only throwing motion Vince Young should be compared to is Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.

  2. Right on. Listen to a replay (if you can tolerate it) of the Super Bowl and it is astounding how inept Simms is: inane observations, incomprehensible strategy, and overall idiocy. The CBS coverage of the blackout is still hilarious for their inability to improvise on the fly-Steve Tasker I'm lookin' at you. Wonder how these clowns would have performed in Munich Olympics. Jim McKay is missed.

  3. Aaron Brooks was a Packer before going to New Orleans.

  4. Willie Gillus was a back-up strike replacement QB to the legendary Alan Risher in 1987 for the Packers, too.

  5. Kevin "Don't question my toughness" Kolb goes down with concussion like symptoms, and whom are the Bills looking at? John Beck and Matt Leinart. I didn't know either were still trying to obtain a clipboard and baseball hat role on a team.

    And leave Tasker alone on his blackout performance! How long do they let the sideline report talk normally? 15-20 seconds. Now they ask him to stretch. You have Nantz in the booth who should have taken over. These guys are stealing money.

  6. I'll take Aikman or Simms over Gruden any day. Gruden may be the worst ever, even worse than Dierdorf.