Monday, August 26, 2013

The Jets Are Going to Be The Best TV Comedy Since Seinfeld!

Strap in, kids. This is going to be a wild ride.

On Saturday night, Rex Ryan pulled an epic double-shot of coaching dip-shittery by re-inserting his least sucky starting QB into the 4th quarter of a pre-season game, watch him get hurt running around trying too damn hard, then making an ass of himself in the post-game presser.

Why, it's almost like this coach KNOWS he's getting fired, so he's going to just do donuts on owner Woody Johnson's front lawn, Paulie Walnuts style.

I think Rex never wanted to give Sanchez that extension. But Tannenbaum and Woody were caught up  in the moment and couldn't resist.

I think Rex never wanted to draft Geno Smith. But Woody felt he needed somebody - anybody - to give Jets fans (ticket holders) hope that someday they won't have to suffer through any more "Butt Fumbles."

Then as soon as Rex got Geno in camp ("This is my friend.. Geno Smith!") and saw just how utterly raw and not ready to play he was, well then all bets were off. He was dead man coaching. The chance to pull a rabbit of a decent season out of the hat, was now as good as being dead and gone.

So perhaps Rex Ryan is like an NFL coaching madman, completely unleashed from the usual restraints of wanting to keep your job. This could get really, really, fun.

Because YOU know how it's going to end, and HE knows how it's going to end.

So you wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts!



  1. With any other coach I would agree, but Rex Ryan has shown that he is about nothing but cheap publicity stunts. He favors anything that will get a quick headline, even if it is bad publicity. The tattoo, the foot fetish, Tebow, his inability to keep his mouth shut with reporters, his sideline antics, etc. Ryan is the Donald Trump of the NFL. Ryan might very well have wanted Smith just for the headline. And whatever crazy stuff he pulls now, he might have done anyway. With most other coaches, the lesson would be, don't interfere with your coach or he will sabotage you. With the Jets, the lesson is, hire a coach, not a showman.

  2. The more apt Seinfeld clip would be of George dragging the World Series trophy tied to his fender across the Yankee Stadium parking lot while shouting at Steinbrenner through a bullhorn. Can you imagine Rex doing the same with the Jets one and only Lombardi Trophy at MetLife Stadium screaming obscenities at Woody Johnson?