Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cover 5 League Applications: NOW OPEN!

Okay, degenerates! Here we go! Time for Czabe's annual running of... "This League...."

As you know, last year we organized a "private" Cover5 league for a $100 entry, winner gets 70%, 2nd gets %20, 3rd gets 10%.

It was lots o' fun. Crazy lead changes. Surges up and down the season long leaderboard. Ever game counts. Every point counts. You are never out of it, and you are never in the money until the dance band stops playing.

Why, I'd say it's a game that is more tension packed and death defying than a Mexican bike race.

/stunned faces
/realizes what that photo was about

Oh, so I'm the bad guy? I drove drunk into a road race? Whatever....

Many of you were MAD that you did not get IN, and want a chance this year. Most of you who WERE in last year, want in, AGAIN.

I understand.

So in an effort to be "fair" I will issue the following challenge.

Send me a simple, ONE paragraph plea to be in the league.

Use any means you deem effective: begging, bribery, a catchy team name, a family sob story, PG-13 "selfies" (women only, plz!), or just good ol' plain proper grammar and punctuation!

I will sort through the entries, and grant invites over this weekend. (Several hours of work, and probably 1000 emails, so don't get on my ass about when it's going to be done!)

As soon as you get your precious email INVITE, you better BUST YOUR ASS to follow directions and do TWO things!

1. Sign up officially for the league at
2. Wire me that $100 entry fee at under my email

Dawdle, screw up, wait, ask me dumb questions about how it works, fail to follow directions.... all will lead to a Soup Nazi like dismissal and I'll get the next guy in line. And there will be plenty.

Nobody is guaranteed a return spot in the league, for any reason. Nobody.

If you start your email with.. "I *should* be in the league because last year....."

BUZZZZZ! Gone. Goodbye. I don't care. Ain't no *should* in my world. Ask to be in, you shall be considered.

Some of last year's entrants will likely be granted a return. Some will not. I will not elaborate on why. I have my own internal criteria. Sort of like Jerry Jones bragging about the Cowboys own "internal" and proprietary "trade value" charts that you cannot see.

Do not whine. It will earn you a Pete Rose lifetime banishment.

NOW... here's where you have hope.

We are also starting a COLLEGE Cover5 league, under the league name: "Jay Bilas Can Suck It!"

It will feature every slate of Top 25 games in college, starting with NEXT week. (Post Labor Day).

Same things apply as above. Ask to be in the league. One paragraph. No whining. If accepted, sign up, pay up, and shut up.

Should be a flat out LOAD of fun, eh?

NOTE: You cannot, and will not be allowed in BOTH the college and NFL league. One league only. Except me. Haha. It is fun to be me, isn't it?

Finally, I urge EACH and EVERY ONE of you, to go out there and DO THIS YOURSELVES with  your own buddies. Do this with your softball team. Your church group. Your motorcycle gang. Your golf men's club.

Cover5 is wonderful in that you can create your own leagues FOR FREE, and play for anything you want! Including playing for the most DREADFUL thing of all.... FOR "FUN!" (/shudders in digust)

Cover5 and is BACK!

Buckle up, it's gonna be a wild ride!


Cover5 2013 Promotional Video from Scott Schmidt on Vimeo.

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