Friday, August 9, 2013

PGA Championship "Did You See That" Collection

Okay, few things here. One, Scott Linn's new favorite golfer is this guy. The dietarily challenged, yet fun lovin', Thailandian Kiradech Aphibarnrat. Hey Kir. I know black is supposed to be "slimming" but I don't think it's workin' for ya. It looks like you are a killer whale that lost the rest of your "pod" while swimming up to Nantucket.

Meanwhile, my OTHER new favorite player is one Khoki Idoki, winner of the SENIOR PGA Championship this year. He's RAD because of two things: 1: That name just ROLLS of the tongue and is so fun to say and.. 2. His caddy looks like Yoko Ono. Solid.

Finally, if you didn't see Justin Rose take a MOP SIZED divot out of the rough, well.... NOW YOU HAVE! You'll need a backhoe worth of green sand for that one, Justin. Replace your divots, if possible, or wear them like Jim Colbert's toupee.

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