Monday, August 5, 2013

"All He Does Is Catch Touchdowns...."

Sort of.

That's the oft-repeated line about (now) HOF wideout Cris Carter, when he was suddenly CUT from the Eagles after just 3 promising seasons under Buddy Ryan.

I mean who in their idiot minds CUTS an 11-TD wideout who is 24 years old?

Well, Ryan did because Carter was well on his way to the morgue at that point in his career, with a major drinking problem and cocaine addiction. But Ryan didn't want to totally submarine Carter's career, so he had to "reach" for something.

And yes, a 45 catch player that final season in kelly green, who racked up an impressive 11 touchdowns, became known as the guy "who only catches TDs."

Give Carter credit, he invited Buddy and his wife to Canton this past weekend, and thanked him - yes, THANKED him for the wakeup call (being cut) that saved his life.

And like Paul Harvey once said... "now you know...........        ..... the REST.. of the story."

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  1. Crying Carter was such a bitch when I watched him play against "my" Packers. I do have a little more respect for him now, but it keeps getting drowned out by his stupid 1st down celebrations.