Monday, August 5, 2013

Snicky du Jour: Megan Fox

Seems like the former Transformer's starlet is cranking out another kid. Good for her. Although I read that she's bat-shine crazy, and has pretty much ruined her own acting career by being completely insufferable to work with.

It's takes a lot of "nuts" to make Hollywood directors say "no" to celluloid eye candy as fine as her. But  as they say: "It's real.... it's happening."

At least we can look back fondly on her ability to stick out her tongue whenever the cameras are around.


  1. Yup. No arguing with you on this one. She brings the heat.

  2. Why is she licking her teeth?

  3. Way too much silly looking ink on her for my liking. Looks like she belongs at the local trailer park.