Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lamar Odom Appears to be Addicted To Something A Lot Stronger Than Gummy Bears

Like, uh..... CRACK!

Or maybe not, it all depends who you believe. TMZ is saying it's crack, and I treat their reporting in and around LA like it's the gospel. Plus, when you have a guy who was so addicted to sweets when he played for the Lakers, he had a dedicated "candy wrangler" make sure his SUV was filled with sugary delights, well then is it that much of a stretch to think he's on the crack pipe now?

Here's the original story on the candy addiction....

And here's another one of my favorite Lamar Odom scams, his charity called "Cathy's Kids." You need to watch all the way through to the part where he indignantly tells the reporter that "it's my money" when questioned about how much of it was actually reaching kids with cancer.

"It's my money...."

Sure, Lamar. That's how charities work. Well, anyhow, the wookie Kardashian is desperately trying to "save" her husband by cornering him in an hotel and trying to get him to check into rehab. Good luck with that. There's plenty of other eligible tall black men in the NBA Khloe, just pick one.


  1. She's the one who is really OJ's kid right?

  2. He probably started doing crack after he realized that he married the wookie Kardashian.