Monday, January 9, 2012

And Now, For the Current Gold Standard

Just a further add on my video of Tebow's... ahem... "unique" throwing motion.

I know that there are variations of style. I know that guys can improve on mechanics. (Although at this late stage of his career, it is very, very daunting to make major changes).

I know that Timmy Rah Rah is "unconventional" and that his running capabilities are currently making up for his lack of passing efficiency.

But good fundamentals are the boring things in sports that makes the great, well, great.

As such, Tim Tebow's current miraculous run of cliffhanger escapes, doesn't excite me as much as others. Which is fine. To each his own.

What does excite me about today's BEST QB's, are the insanely accurate and gutsy throws the best of the best make like it's no big deal. 

I'm talking about throws that are like when Barry Pepper's character in Saving Private Ryan puts his sniper bullet right through the other sniper's scope and into his eye.

Aaron Rodgers does that kind of shit. All the time. Like in last year's Super Bowl. Two throws that were just balls-the-size-of-church-bells good. 

Here they are. Enjoy.


  1. Did you forward a copy of this to "Skippy Clueless" ????????

  2. the second one looks an awful lot like the ot ball tebow threw -

  3. Zzzz...zzz... Czabe, wake me up when you're done making this point for the 37th TIME! My word, let it go... We get it! I think the horse is now ready to become dog food.

  4. I think there are 2 standards at play here. First, you say that Tebow is not really an NFL quarterback. Then, when he wins some games and starts passing better, you say, "but he's not as good as Aaron Rodgers!" He is not as good as Rodgers, but he is a real NFL quarterback with a real NFL passing game. Don't glide from one argument to the other. That is something they do on ESPN.

  5. Don't let these folks get you down Czabe. Your arguement yesterday was pinpoint. His defenders want to bash you for hating on him because they like him for reasons other than football. His throwing motion IS absurd. He's throwing to guys who are wide open, and happens to be doing it during an NFL season which has tilted the balance of power towards the offense and the QB position. All these things are covering up his deficiencies, but you can't hide that motion.
    In the real world, Tebow and Rodgers are probably very similar in terms of personality and all around great human being characteristics, BUT they don't get paid for that. They get paid the thread a needle, 40 yards downfield, in double coverage. In that situation, who do you want throwing that ball. Czabe is right, the choice is clear. I'll take my chances with #12 all day.

  6. Schmitty -
    Have ANY of the people commenting on Czabe's 'analysis' even HINTED at the possibility of taking Tebow over Rodgers????? If so, then I missed it. Who is suggesting that??????

    The only point I attempted to make was that maybe it's not such a bad thing to just enjoy the story for what it is. A QB that none of the experts thought could play at this level, has come off the bench to turn his team's season around, and even won a playoff game against the defending AFC champions. That's a good story. The fact that he DOES have such unorthodox mechanics only makes it an even BETTER story, in my opinion.
    I wasn't killing Czabe for his analysis of Tebow's motion. I just thought, "why today? why, after Tebow just helped the Broncos beat the Steelers in the playoff, must we still be harping on the guy's throwing motion?"
    Good Grief! Just enjoy the story. It's a good one.

  7. Schmitty- You infer that Tebow fans like him for "other reasons"? You mean, like he's a good role model? Or that he's a positive influence to everyone around him? Or maybe it's that kneeling thing? I can vouch for many of us who like Tebow for everythig but the kneeling thing and mostly because the Broncos are in the playoffs and just beat the Steelers.

    And C-Dub is right, I'm sure the Broncos would trade Tebow for Rodgers, Brees or a Manning if the opportunity came around.

    Time for you Tebow haters to stop the whining and act like real men. I guarantee you that Tebow would never throw a fit like Czabe. Gotta respect that!

  8. Thnaks for the videos Czabe. After watching Jordan Jefferson attempt to play QB in last nights BCS title game I needed a reset as to what a real QB can do.

  9. Sorry Czabe but how Cowherd of you. Tebow is Job guy and Rodgers is Career guy.

  10. It's not too late for Tebow to improve his mechanics. Come on, you're like 80 years old, and you're still tinkering with that crap golf swing of yours.