Friday, January 6, 2012

Say Your Prayers, Timmy

There is no sure thing in sports, and that's exactly why we love 'em.

Sports are America's original, and still greatest, reality show. You just have to watch to find out.

As such, maybe Tim Tebow and the 8-8 Broncos can beat the 12-4, Six-Time World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Maybe Tebow's 46% completions will be good enough against a Steeler defense that was ranked #1 in the NFL in just about every meaningful category this year.


My money says: no chance.

Not even with Big Ben on a peg-leg and Rashard Mendenhall sitting at home penning his latest 9/11 conspiracy theory.

No. Not in a million years should Denver win this game. They have played two good teams since Halloween, and were roasted by both (Detroit hung 45 and New England hung 41). Both in Mile High.

So what do you do if you are a gamblin' man? That's just what one of my listeners asked....

FROM: Horia N.
TO: Czabe
RE: Gambling


I could NOT agree with you more regarding Steelers being the lock of the century. I am looking to play my first action EVER on this game, and looking to do it big (well for me at least). Is there a site that you recommend for doing this?

Well, to begin with, let's all remember Furio's sage advice: "Bet wit' a you head, no' over it."
Here was my response to Horia regarding "off-shore" action...
Unfortunately, getting your money "off-shore" to where there are "legal" sports books is cumbersome, and just a bit dicey. The US government (asshats) are throwing up all kinds of roadblocks to try to "shut down" these sites, to mixed results. The very legality of off-shore wagering still remains in a gray area. 
I have not bet with an off-shore book in many many years. 
But when I once DID, I had to physically MAIL a cashiers check to a random address in Barbados and just TRUST that I was not going to be ripped off. (I was not, thankfully). Then you can wager, and then you can hopefully get paid once you win. 
The site I used is called and  they have a pretty good reputation. I have not tried to move money their way in some time, and they have a page detailing the MANY ways you can do so, but I have not tried any of them. 
They do have a CREDIT CARD option, but I could SWEAR that such an option is not available to US citizens at this time. 
Give it a try, and let me know how it goes. Start small, and work up from there.
I suppose I should conduct a thorough report on just how and where you can or can't get some sweet action "off-shore" these days.
If you don't mind, please respond below with your own experience and knowledge on the state of the off-shore sports wagering industry, and we'll build on it from there.

In the meantime, here's Tony Soprano's take on gambling in "Chasing It"


  1. Majority rules in many things...not gambling. Inflated Cowboys-like line for heavily loved Steel nation, no thanks. I'll take DEN getting 8.5 at home. Book it!

  2. BOVADA.COM is the website i use

    It used to be called bodog. They did accept credit cards from US customers when it was bodog. I haven't tried depositing since the name change, nor have i tried cashing out.

  3. is still the leader. GOing strong for years. To acquire a VISA that works on the web site, you need a card that can make purchases Int'l and on internet. Easy: go to your local AAA and get a gift card. Any amount you want. NONE of the VISA gift cards you buy elsewhere will work. You're welcome.

  4. I wouldn't bet the house on the Steelers. The Steelers have been really lousy on the road - even to the worst of opponents. The offense has not been clicking - even before Ben sprained his ankle. One of these days, the aging overachieving defense is not going to be able to rescue the underachieving offense.

  5. I really like the Bengals money line tonight, as for putting it all on the steelers I would agree with Joe Schmoe, the better bet for that game in my eyes is the under. I would look for the spread in that game move up to ten by game time which means a lot of action on Pitt. The Broncos defense is good enough to keep the score low and as long as Tebow doesn't turn it over 5+ times the score should be low. I use Bovada as well, I don't really like the site because they wait until the last minute to put out a lot of lines and you are usually charged the most juice on the favorite. However, minimum $20 deposit and never had trouble getting paid within 10 days so as far as that goes it's not bad.

  6. Dear Lord Football, thank you for allowing me to watch Timmy-rah-rah get destroyed by the Steelers this afternoon in glorious 1080i High Definition.

  7. You're damn lucky that wasn't a backward pass/lateral. Pathetic officiating. The ref's bailed your fanny out. Yep,they sure did. Pitt just scored a touchdown. I don't ever want to hear you piss and moan about officiating when they bailed your, "put the the house on the game" fanny out.

  8. wow Zabe, get lucky with a fumble, and another blown ref's call on a missed facemask on Tebow.

  9. What a perfect finish, for me. Goin to OT, YOU don't cover. What a great set up! 46% passer, game of a lifetime to make big bucks. Did you bet the house? Hope so! God, your brilliant! What a prognosticator! I hope you have a big tube of Anusol, 'cause you just got TeBoned! And you know where! Ha Ha Ha! Update! Tebow 80 yard TD pass in OT to win it! God, does Tebow suck as a passer. 316 yars against the Steelers, most the Steelers gave up the whole year! Boy, were you right on how this kid sucks! Somebody sucks, but not this kid. By the way, I'm impressed with the traffic your site has.

  10. I owe Tim Tebow an apology---he really is an NFL quarterback. Can't wait to hear Czabe tomorrow to see how he's going to react...

  11. Love your work Czabe , here in Ashburn. You're my fav sports guy...just eat your crow like a man and set an example.

  12. Can't wait to see the message:

    'Blog post has been removed by Author'.

    Together with your Cam Newton prophecy, this is now the year: CZABE EATS A METRIC TON OF CROW!

  13. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    The bookies saw you guys coming a mile away. Don't quit your day jobs.

    Precious, just precious.

  14. This is all proof that God hates the Steelers.

  15. Czabe... love the show, best morning show on by far... but your Tebow hate only makes me enjoy this better (plus the fact I am a Cleveland fan and dislike the Steelers)... please lose the Tebow hate...

  16. Well, Czabe, what do you say now? Bwwwwwhahahahahaaaaa

  17. Bookies...where you at and whatcha haulin?

    Czabe, for the kids sake, keep that hard earned coin in more fruitful Zimbabwean currency.

    Love the NFL playoffs & your show. Keep it up brotha!

  18. Teboned! How does it feel Mr. Hater? Hope you lost a ton of $. Karma, Zabe! My guess is you and your goyim Christian hating sidekick are walking bowlegged. Beutiful!

  19. Dear Cazbe,

    I followed your advice on the "lock of the century" and bet the house .... speaking of houses can I come live at yours now?

    Homeless in Loudon

  20. Cazbe, there really is only one stat in football that counts. It's not completion percentage or yards thrown or even points scored. It's simply a 1 in the win column. Tebow may win ugly but he wins and really that is all any football fan can ask for. Look at the bright side, now Tebow has as many play-off wins as Romo.

  21. +1 TO GoNavy1994 and ZING on the Romo comment. This is also proof that God hates Romos.