Sunday, January 15, 2012

Boom, Roasted.

Final tally: 9-26, 136 yards and a fumble.

And a futile 1st and goal, where they went 4&OUT punctuated by Tebow whirling, escaping, scrambling, and then ultimately throwing the ball to nobody.

So Bronco fans, and Tebites, you have a real project on your hands now, don't you?

How can you make this jersey-selling, sick-kid-hugging, feel-good-story of a QB, into well, something VIABLE as a long-term prospect?

The fairy tale is over. The magic is gone. The hype will quickly subside.

Now what?

"Press on... " some will say. Let's tighten up the mechanics, add more wrinkles to that run-option offense, get another WR target for him to throw to, and let's see what a full season (with full OFF-season too!) of total Tebow commitment will bring us in terms of record.

I'll admit: I've seen dumber ideas. (see Grossman, Rex and Beck, John).

But I think Tebow as a starter is doomed to fail.

That's just my OPINION. And I've been as wrong as anybody as a sports fan.

I CAN have an opinion, right?

So my call would be this if I were John Elway: Back to the draft for a starter. Tell Tebow's he's a valuable piece to the Broncos puzzle, and they will find a place for him, and find ways to use him.

I'd keep Tebow as a FB/H-back/TE and I would use him in Timmy-Cat formations near the goal-line and randomly during games as a hard-to-adjust changeup.

But in a passing league, you have to be able to pass. Period.

Tebow was far down the list of the reasons the Patriots boat-raced them on Saturday night. But he IS on the list. When you have a QB who can't stretch the field vertically, who can't sustain drives with his arm, who can't deliver counter-strikes to two-TD deficits, then you are really limited.

If you love the guy for reasons that go far beyond his wobbly spiral, then good for you. Keep loving him. He is, a genuine breath of fresh air among pro athletes today. As long as ESPN and other media entities don't shove him down our throats to the point of passing out, I too can enjoy his scrappy overachieving.

But the argument isn't about "liking" him, it's about "can he play" the position at this level.

Well, you've seen his games. You tell me.


  1. Anyone else notice how Simms kept calling him Tim "Tee-ball" on and off throughout the night?

  2. Your just bitter that you have to deal with the Rex and Beck show again next season. At least we have a D that is good enough to win now while our QB situation plays itself out. How was not making the playoffs AGAIN this year. Sniff .500 then talk.

  3. You're right, Czabe. I don't think he is a viable long term answer at QB either. Sure was fun to watch though .... and I wish there were more "people" like him.

  4. Agreed.

    But they allowed fans to drive Kyle Orton out of town, so what are the odds that whomever is in their draft spot (Tannehill, Foles?) will be allowed to play and struggle without incessant calls for Tebow.

    And Brady Quinn sucks, so there's also that.

    They're in a bit of a tough spot moving forward.

  5. Czabe - Thanks for your "analysis". Much better than some of name-calling rants you have slipped into recently on the subject. I think part of the problem is people on both sides go 100% "he will" or "he wont". Let's do it this way, there is a % chance he will succeed. What is the average success rate of any QB - 20%??? I'd say, after his first 16 games, he is ahead of the curve. If this was some converted RB experiment, or wishbone conversion, I would be more skeptical. I'd say there is still an above average % chance of success. His college passing stats: 67% completion (incl 70.1 his final year), 88TD, 15INT, 9.4 yd/a.... This is long from over... Enjoy the ride.

    1. Danny Wuerfel had some decent numbers in college too...

  6. Sorry Czabe, too damn much. When I moved away from VA yours was the only sports input I wanted to keep on the net. But, beyond haters gotta hate = sports shows pummel the story of the day, you've become as tedious as any office contrarian who screams louder and louder until events give him the bone to claim what a genius he has been all along. It is not the events that make this person so intolerable, but his incessant annoying screaming e.g. Rather than talk of a NFL record first half touch-down passes, you lather yourself in self pride and talk about how... you were right all along. Bookmark delete time Czabe.