Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snicky du Jour: Avril Lavigne

I'll admit that this little punky spitfire isn't everybody's cup of tea. You may hate her music. You might not like her chalky white skin, or Skater Boi persona. In fact, one Canadian friend of mine called her a "nasty ball of hate from Ontario."

But just think of her as the Canadian Taylor Swift, with a lot more eye black. And she's on the market again, after cutting loose her husband Deryk Whibley, lead guitarist from Sum 41.


  1. Listen, I'm a fan. She looks like she could be Lily Rush / Kathryn Morris / the pale girl from Cold Case's little sister. While she did date that Sum 41 guy for a while, pretty much any good looking woman has dated a shitty musician for a couple months, and her's at least sold a couple million records instead of playing coffeehouses with John Mayer covers.

  2. Uh, Taylor Swift is Canadian.

  3. Taylor Swift - born and raised in PA - USA