Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CzabeVegas 2012: Hard Rock Here We Come!

Okay kids, have at it.

You can reserve both your spot in the VIP party for either one or both nights of the Sweet 16 right now. Anyone who reserves a VIP spot can also put a reserve HOLD on a room at the Hard Rock Hotel at these incredible, "Czabe-has-the-hook-em-up rates" you see here.


Now, I know you have a lot of questions....


Q: Do I have to stay at the Hard Rock to come to the VIP Party?
A: No.

Q: Why should I stay at the Hard Rock if I am coming to the VIP Party?
A: Because it's an awesome place to stay, totally different vibe than any other casino in town. Lots of young pretty people, fun dealers, music, food, and more. Trust me, it's "the scene" baby.

Q: Will you be mad at me if I stay at Circus Circus for $8 a night?
A: Of course. Don't be a schmuck. You can always find a "cheaper room" somewhere else in Vegas. Whatever. Are you here on a budget, or here to have fun? The Hard Rock is going to treat us RIGHT! So do them a solid and throw 'em your business for Wayne Newton's sake! Split the room with a buddy, and we're talking $50 a night! That's two bad hands at blackjack. Come on!

Q: What do I get for my $40?
A: You get a nice unobstructed spot to watch the Sweet 16, and un-fettered access to hang out and drink, gamble, and bitch at the refs with ME, your radio buddy! Also, I plan to get everyone "A Shirt, A Shot, and Some Shit." Details TBA.

Q: Will Scotty, Solly, and Galdi be with you?
A: God willing! First, however, I need to get a good group of you people signed up and paid. Once that happens, I can gently re-direct some funds to bring the gang with me. As I am sure you know, Scott's appearance fee is not cheap!

Q: Do I need to book all four days at the Hard Rock to get the rate?
A: No, you can tailor your stay to your travel plans as you wish.

Q: Know of any cheap airfares?
A: Not really. But, I highly recommend Travel Mart Vacations for anybody who needs some expert help on getting there. These people are the best!

Q: Will you be playing golf with any listeners while out there?
A: Generally, no. BUT, I have 2 foursomes on hold for my "inner circle" and depending on who gets arrested and can't make their tee time, it has happened in the past where guys can slip in and play. I would not count on it, however.

Q: Will there be a game that costs me money because of a last second 3-point dagger?
A: You bet your ass.



    Czabe this is a must watch. NO COPYRIGHT ISSUES

  2. Awesome travel package Czabe! As soon as the rooms go on sale I'll be booking. Stayed there before and I can say from experience that The HArd Rock is the best place to stay and play in Vegas - the beach pool is incredibly cool - that's where they shoot the TV show Rehab - Cya soon Czabe and tell Scotty to get his candyass out there!

  3. Czabe, can you consider going the first weekend one of these years? You know, when there's 48 games to play and real upsets happen. That's when me and my boys go.

  4. Is there anything planned for Saturday? I was hoping to roll in late Friday night and hit Czabe Fest on Saturday, but I'm only seeing ticket sales for Thursday and Friday...